Pruning & Training
Shrub and rose pruning
Grass cutting & Lawn Edging
Weeding, Hoeing and Cultivating
Lawn Treatment
Including chemical application
Turfing & Line Trimming

Pruning & Training

Want to know more about how best to prune your plants ready for a new season? We can prune, strip back and even show you how best to look after your plants.


Knowing the right time to plant and what to plant where comes with knowledge and experience, let us help you choose the perfect selection for your garden.

Line Trimming

Who doesn't like a perfect line on a lawn? Be the envy of your neighbours after we've trimmed and preened


Watched a lot of football on the TV during lockdown? Ever get envious of those perfect patterned pitches? Get in touch to see how you can get match winning results.

Grass cutting & Lawn Edging

Be the envy of your neighbours after we've cut, trimmed and preened your lawn to perfection.

Weeding, Hoeing, & Cultivating

Dandelions, who on earth likes dandelions? Let us help with all your weeding and bedding cultivation.

Hedge cutting

Are your hedgerows looking like they need a good trim? We can shape, trim and chop to give you the perfect neat boundary to your garden.

Garden Clearance

We can help clear your garden ready for rejuvenation, whether its a new house purchase or your garden has simply been neglected.