Adam Gets Poetic – Spring is here ! (No Comments)


By Adam Woolcott


Like a feeling you can’t describe, or a smell that defies description or a sound as unique as a sound can be, spring once again ignites me.

 I’m taken back, back to being a child, my anxiety gone, once again I’m free and wild, time has stopped and now I feel as if I can live for ever.

 I’m beguiled and smitten with the magic of spring my happiness is now underwritten. The birds they sing and soon there will be nests to build, and winter’s tortured buds will soon be filled.

 An army of life begins to stir, the daffodil reassures our hearts and new green blades true happiness impart, this is the time, the time to start, a beginning, a reawakening, a debut, a rebirth, a starting afresh, the putting aside of winter’s mess.

 The sky with gentle pinks upon blue, the warm shards of air that will soon become dew, gently strolling in the extra light, days soon longer than the night.

 Like a healing mist that comes from the ground spring is a sight, a taste and a sound. The drying earth forms a crust and ragged grass grows in tufts, frogs croak looking to breed and soon the birds their young they’ll feed.

 This is a time, a time to be alive, bees buzz and hum as they leave the hive, looking for nature’s first splashes of colour and nuts that squirrels hid away begin to germinate in the warmth of the day.

 This amazing time when nature’s still nude is no time to be a prude, the naked branch will soon have it’s cloak, and the towering horse chestnut with blossom will soon be soaked. Once again life makes a start, the warming sun has restarted mine and nature’s heart, so breathe in the air, and take time to stop and stare, oh thank god I’m young again without a care.


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