Top Plants for Winter Interest Comments Off


  1. Hellebores– Helleborus hybrids.  The heavenly Christmas rose is a really useful perennial, ideal for a brightening up a shady border. From whites to purples and some have striking foliage.
  2. Cyclamen coum– a bright, colourful spring cyclamen that looks incredible with snowdrops and aconites.
  3. Edgeworthia chrysantha– An interesting deciduous shrub with a great architectural shape even in the winter. It has small clusters of small lightly scented yellow flowers.
  4. Snowdrops– Everyones favourite. One of the earliest flowering bulbs, it is an elegant little flower. Looks good with black snake grass.
  5. Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’– deciduous shrub with striking orange – yellow stems with fiery tips.
  6. Rubus cockburnianus– A ghostly white-stemed bramble with arching stems
  7. Prunus serrula– Tibetan cherry. Deciduous tree with tactile, glossy copper stems. Beautiful feature tree, prefers full sun but quite versatile.
  8. Sarcoccoca confusa– Sweet box, small, evergreen shrub with tiny white incredibly strong scented flowers. Great for shade. The fragrance can fill a garden quite easily on a still, mild, winter day. It’s a knockout!
  9. Daphne odora– evergreen shrub with lovely scented, pale pink flowers in the winter. Prefers a humus-rich soil, grows slowly and hates being moved.
  10. Lonicera fragrantissima– A shrubby winter honeysuckle with small, sweet fragrant, white flowers in the winter. For full sun or part shade but plant it near paths or windows to catch the scent.

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