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New year, new garden!

Daffs in flower in January – BONKERS!

Here we are at the start of a brand new year and what an amazing start it is. After the warmest December in history (and wettest in some parts of the country) who knows what unseasonal weather January will bring. In our part of the country, snowdrops and daffodils are already out and we’ve even seen bearded irises in flower. With just a couple of slight frosts so far (and none forecast for the near future) our gardens just haven’t gone to sleep and what’s more the grass is still growing!

He’s some tips to get you started:

1. Trim back any dead or dying perennials that you didn’t get time to do before Christmas. Things like peonies, valerian and asters

2. If it’s dry enough you can still cut your grass to vacuum up any last leaves and keep it looking sharp. Re-shape the edges.

3. Wisterias can now have their main prune. Prune back the whippy spurs to 2 -3 buds from the main stem. It will promote better flowering on the Spring.

4. Jet wash your paving and patio ready for spring.

5. Prune apple and pear trees.

6. Dig over any bare soil ready for spring planting.

7. Keep the fleece ready so that when we do get a cold snap (and we will, but possibly not until February) you can protect your tender plants.

8. Keep putting food out for the birds.

9. Plan your vegetable rotations so that you grow different crops in different areas

10. Remove any last debris from the vegetable plot, such as old runner bean stems, potato haulms, peas etc. If it’s diseased burn, bury or bin it rather than stick it on the compost heap to keep the plot clear and clean.

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