A Sensory Storyteller’s Garden – Manuden Primary School Comments Off

Over the summer holidays we were delighted  to be asked to design a garden for a local village primary school in memory of two much loved members of staff. The area to be redeveloped was an unused grass bank outside the school hall which was difficult to use for anything . The solution was to make the area flat with decking and then to add  an outdoor classroom / story telling area on top of   the deck.  The canopy above the classroom will eventually be pale blue so that the sky is always  blue, whatever the weather.


We also wanted the area to have elements of sensory play with things to stimulate sight, touch, sound, smell and taste.  The area will have rainbow planter’s with bright colourful flowers and vegetables, giving an opportunity for sight and taste sensations. There will be additional scented planting areas with lavender and herbs and tactile grasses such as Stipa tenuissima and Pennisetum spp. Sound will be achieved by adding Nigella flowers with their seed pods that rattle and simple bamboo chimes that blow in the wind. We have also included two sensory finger mazes that will help the children with hand-eye co-ordination and encourage social play. These are great colourful tools which also have a tactile element.  The two sensory totem poles that will be installed will also encourage inquisitive minds to explore and to learn more about the environment around them.

The area is fenced off for safety and wildflower turf has been added around it to give opportunities for wildlife learning and to soften the structure.

The project is well under way, just planting and finishing touches to do.


Photos courtesy of Harlow Garden Services who have done an excellent job of the installation. Will post more photos when finished. Finger maze photos courtesy of Broxap / Handmade Places

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