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The Great Garden Challenge – Channel 5

GGC ON 40 V2 AG 01 See a clip here

Adam and I are delighted to announce that we are taking part in a brand new gardening TV Show. The Great Garden Challenge starts Tuesday 2nd July at 8pm on Channel 5. Awesome experience to create some wonderful new community gardens

Meeting HRH The Princess Royal

It was a pleasure and honour to be presented to HRH Princess Anne at The World Horse Welfare Conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London last Week (30th November 2017).

As president of the charity see gave an inspiring talk about the importance of helping so-called ‘invisible horses’ both in this country and abroard. She also presented us with a framed Gold Medal and photograph of this years RHS Chelsea Garden. To find out more about the incredible work of this amazing charity go to

Gold Medal & BBC People’s Choice Award at Chelsea!

It has been an awesome couple of weeks for Adam and I. We are thrilled to bits to have not only won a Gold Medal but also the BBC People’s Choice Award for Best Artisan Garden in Show. It’s been great representing such an amazing charity as World Horse Welfare and reassuring that an emotive traditional wildflower garden with a serious message still has a place at the world’s best flower Show. You can find out more on our blog page and on our facebook page. and just click on the facebook icon.

Here’s a few photos:;

Help save me, East Herts Council want to cut me down. Act now!
Surely there’s more biodiversity in this stately oak tree growing in this former wood meadow, rich in wildlife,  than there is in a fenced off artificial hockey pitch with 15 metre high floodlights.
Tree specialists have surveyed the area and one of the trees has been placed on the Ancient Tree Inventorysport at any cost, I hope not. Join the protest! Let our Councillors know what you think, email addresses in the post below. Please East Herts District Council listen to The Woodland Trust and other notable tree specialists and tree surveyors and vote down the proposal on 27th April 2016.
Spear and Jackson – World Launch Easter 2016
Adam is delighted to announce that he has been chosen to be one of the new faces of Spear and Jackson, a gardening company that has been leading the field for 250 years. Pictured here with Lloyd Ashford Thom on the left, also from Spear and Jackson).
Join him on Ideal World TV (Virgin 747 Sky 654  Freeview 22  Freesat 812 ) this Easter Saturday at 5pm where he will be presenting the live WORLD launch of the amazing new Spear and Jackson pressure washer. It’s absolutely awesome! Stay tuned this spring when Adam and Lloyd will be bringing us some incredible new gardening tools to make your life easier.

To find out more click on or tap the app

The First Gardening Show of the Year!

If you love lilies join Adam for the first gardening show of the year on Ideal World TV for some amazing offers on lily bulbs and a host of other great plants. One of the nation’s favourite flowers, lilies are very easy to grow; plant them in pots or straight into the border and they will come up year after year and give you a dazzling display of flowers. Happy in sun or shade, just keep an eye out for the little red lily beetle and support them if necessary. We like to plant them in pots so that we can move them about the garden to brighten up boring areas.

Pack of 50 bulbs of ‘Lily Oriental Love Story’ for just £14.99 + P&P, absolutely REMARKABLE value!

Log onto for further details

Get inspired!

Tune into Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812 from 11am 18th January 2015

Hooray for Hampton Court!

We are delighted to have been awarded a Silver-Gilt medal for ‘The NSPCC Legacy Garden’ at The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The garden achieved acclaim from both visitors and press alike and was runner up in the People’s Award for Best Small Garden in Show.

The garden highlights 130 years of the NSPCC with a journey through time. The garden is divided into four eras; Victorian, 1920′s, 1970′s and present day. The idea is that although garden styles change, plants change and toys change through those years one thing hasn’t changed and that is the constancy of the NSPCC fighting for protection for children. The word ‘Constant’ is carved into the bench at the centre of the garden. There are 130 messages in jam jars, some from young people who have used the services of the charity and  some from supporters, some on our legacy tree and the rest around the garden. Inspirational messages such as ‘no fear’, ‘more smiles’, ‘more sunshine, less dark’  and hopes for a better future. John Hurt’s message, see below, reads ’If you want perfection, learn to put up with less’.

Happy birthday NSPCC, it’s been an honour to create this garden for you, with the help of Conway Landscapes, who have been a big part of the project. Here’s hoping that we have drawn attention to your amazing work and have encouraged people to think about the importance of leaving a gift in your will, your own legacy, to help you continue the work that is so sadly needed.

Here’s a few pics.

Press Release – NSPCC at Hampton

NSPCC marks 130-year legacy at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

 This year sees the 130th anniversary of the NSPCC, and the charity is marking this milestone by exhibiting a nostalgic, thought-provoking garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

The NSPCC Legacy Garden, sponsored by The Garden Centre Group’s ‘Gardens for Good’ programme, focuses on the NSPCC’s work throughout this time and the legacy that it has created. The theme of constancy runs through the garden, which has been designed to encourage visitors to consider the legacy they wish to leave for future generations of children.   


Designed by multiple RHS Chelsea Gold Medal winners Adam Woolcott and Jonathan Smith of Woolcott & Smith Garden Design, the garden demonstrates how gifts in supporters’ wills have helped fund the charity’s work and takes visitors on a journey through the past 130 years, with plants and toys helping to reflect the different eras. At the centre of the garden there is a copper beech where messages from supporters and young people will be displayed.

Alex McDowell, Head of Legacy and Tribute at the NSPCC, said: “We’ll be marking our 130th anniversary on 8 July and the NSPCC Legacy Garden is a fitting way to commemorate this milestone, celebrating the difference we’ve been able to make for children and families thanks to our generous supporters, and encouraging visitors to reflect on the legacy they wish to leave for the next generation. We hope our garden inspires people to consider how they could help to keep more children safe and free from cruelty by leaving a gift in their will to the NSPCC, after they have taken care of their own loved ones.”

Jonathan Smith of Woolcott & Smith Garden Design said: “Exhibiting at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is a wonderful way of commemorating the NSPCC’s 130th anniversary, and we’re delighted to be part of it. We hope that our garden raises awareness of the fantastic work the charity does to protect children and prevent abuse, and encourages people to consider how they can leave their very own legacy for children.”

For more information on the NSPCC Legacy Garden and to find out more about the importance of gifts in wills to the charity, visit  

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Notes to Editors:

The NSPCC Legacy Garden can be found at stand E/3 on Ditton Avenue.


For further information about the NSPCC please contact:

Sarah Dade on 020 7825 1318 /      

For further information about Woolcott & Smith Garden Design please contact:

Adam Woolcott or Jonathan Smith on 01279 755965 / 07976 658618 /


About the NSPCC:

The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity specialising in child protection. Our vision is to end cruelty to children in the UK and we make a difference for all children by standing up for their rights, listening to them, helping them when they need us and by making them safe. The NSPCC runs projects and services across the United Kingdom and Channel Islands to help vulnerable children. We also provide ChildLine, the UK’s free, confidential 24-hour helpline and online service for children and young people and a helpline for adults who are worried about a child or want advice.

If you have concerns about a child or young person, you can call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, text 88858 or visit

Children and young people can contact ChildLine on 0800 1111 or visit

About The Garden Centre Group:

The Garden Centre Group is the UK’s largest garden centre chain with 140 centres across England and Wales. Through their ‘Gardens for Good’ programme, The Garden Centre Group allows its garden centres to unite behind a national cause where the physical garden space can bring benefits to individuals and local communities.

Visit to find out more.

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to create a Summer Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July.

‘The NSPCC Legacy Garden’ 


This year, the National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) marks its 130th anniversary and in fact its birthday falls in the week of the Show. The NSPCC Legacy Garden focuses on the NSPCC’s work over these years and the legacy it has created.  The theme of constancy runs through the garden, highlighting the fact that, whatever challenges children face, the NSPCC is there to help. 

 The garden demonstrates how gifts in supporters’ wills have greatly supported the charity’s work and takes visitors on a journey through these years. The journey starts in 1884. An old cobble path leads through Victorian London with old ’London Stock’ bricks and ‘Mary Poppins’ style railings with ferns and aspidistra through to the 1920′s with its topiary and roses to the 1970′s with its crazy paving, conifers, pampas grass and rockery. The journey ends  in the present day with a contemporary granite path and ornamental grasses. Children’s toys are also included in each era of the garden such as a Victorian tricycle and abacus through to a scooter and ipad. How things have changed!

The garden will also mark the lives and stories of specific children helped in these eras with wooden marker posts detailing their names and dates.

The garden aims to provide a thoughtful place where people can reflect on the legacy, history and importance of the NSPCC and to contemplate what they wish to pass on to children in the future. A simple tree seat under ‘The Legacy Tree’ in the centre of the garden gives the perfect place to do just that. ‘The Legacy Tree’, a majestic beech tree, will have messages of remembrance from NSPCC supporters and young people tied to its branches. encouraging us to think about the future.


This is Adam and Jon’s second garden for the NSPCC, last years garden winning critical acclaim and a Silver-Gilt medal at RHS Chelsea. They are delighted to be working with such an important and worthwhile charity as the NSPCC.

The garden will be built by veteran RHS Show Garden contractors, Conway Landscapes in conjunction with AW Gardening Services and Woolcott and Smith Garden Design, all based in Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire.

The plan is to involve children who have used the services of the NSPCC as much as possible throughout the Show and they will have the opportunity to write messages, design artwork and input into the design of the garden.

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is one of the largest flower shows in the world and runs from 8th – 13th July 2014

Media enquiries contact  or

Further information on the work of the NSPCC go to

Chelsea Blog 9 – Chelsea begins, reporting live from the Show


After months of anticipation we’ve finally started building our  Artisan Garden for the NSPCC at the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show. This year’s garden, which is sponsored and supported by the lovely people at Sheila’s Wheels Insurance, will be our fifth garden and promises to be our best ever. The garden is a nostalgic thought-provoking garden, designed to get people to reflect on the preciousness and potential of childhood and to encourage them to think about what will they leave? as a legacy.

 The NSPCC is the only charity focused on ending child cruelty across the UK, driven by the simple belief that no child should suffer. The NSPCC’s life-changing work is funded almost exclusively by the kindness of the public – around one in every six pounds donated to the NSPCC comes from gifts in wills. Hopefully, if we can encourage people to reflect on their own childhood happy memories in this garden then we can get them to think about  helping  the NSPCC continue their amazing work with their own gift in their  will.

 We have 10 days to build our garden and after 3 days we are thrilled with our progress. We are on schedule to finish on Sunday 19th May. It’s quite humbling on day one when we arrive on site to see our plot marked out for us on a piece of bare grass, knowing that ten days later our garden will be judged by the RHS and more importantly by the gardening public.  Thankfully, everything has been planned out and we have a detailed build schedule, detailing exactly what we are going to be doing on what day and what we hope to achieve at the end of each day. We are just hoping for better weather than we have had over the last few weeks. So far the weather has been OK, but it is turning a bit more cooler and showery, typical Chelsea build up weather.

 We did feel a bit anxious on our first day when we turned up on site to be confronted with a blank space, our plot looked so space. Now that plants are going in, the garden is developing nicely.


Central to the garden is our beautiful rustic tree house, which is being built by forestry craftsman, Phil Game and Cormac Conway and his team from Conway Landscapes here in Bishop’s Stortford. Mark Sessions from Stortford based company ‘Aquatic Fanatics’ is constructing the water feature. Already the garden has a wonderful nostalgic feel and is getting a lot of attention.


The general weather conditions have been against us in the run up to Chelsea. The spring has been one of the latest that we can remember and consequently plants are 2-3 weeks behind where they should be. Everybody is in the same boat and as you walk around the show, there is very little flower colour to be seen at the moment. All in all a very worrying build-up and we’ll be taking it right up to the wire.

 It’s nice to meet up with old friends and familiar faces and fellow designers. Usually though, there’s no time for chat as everyone is focused on building their own garden’s. It’s only towards the end of the build, when some of the pressure is off, that people start to relax and talk to each other and everyone becomes more sociable.

 Our judgement day is Tuesday 21st May when we find out what medal we have been awarded and that’s also the day that the Show opens to the public. For us that’s our favourite part of the Show talking to keen gardeners and sharing our passion for plants. Fingers crossed!

 If you happen to have tickets for Chelsea this year do come and see us  and say hello, we’d be very pleased to see you:

 To find out more about the work of the NSPCC check out . For regular photo updates on the garden go to our website and click on the twitter and facebook icons.

  ‘What will we leave? The NSPCC Garden of Magical Childhood  

 Artisan Garden Plot SEW5