The Great Garden Challenge – Channel 5

GGC ON 40 V2 AG 01 See a clip here

Adam and I are delighted to announce that we are taking part in a brand new gardening TV Show. The Great Garden Challenge starts Tuesday 2nd July at 8pm on Channel 5. Awesome experience to create some wonderful new community gardens

Meeting HRH The Princess Royal

It was a pleasure and honour to be presented to HRH Princess Anne at The World Horse Welfare Conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London last Week (30th November 2017).

As president of the charity see gave an inspiring talk about the importance of helping so-called ‘invisible horses’ both in this country and abroard. She also presented us with a framed Gold Medal and photograph of this years RHS Chelsea Garden. To find out more about the incredible work of this amazing charity go to

Gold Medal & BBC People’s Choice Award at Chelsea!

It has been an awesome couple of weeks for Adam and I. We are thrilled to bits to have not only won a Gold Medal but also the BBC People’s Choice Award for Best Artisan Garden in Show. It’s been great representing such an amazing charity as World Horse Welfare and reassuring that an emotive traditional wildflower garden with a serious message still has a place at the world’s best flower Show. You can find out more on our blog page and on our facebook page. and just click on the facebook icon.

Here’s a few photos:;

RHS Chelsea Updates

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 – The World Horse Welfare Garden

Adam and I are delighted to announce that we have been selected to exhibit a large Artisan Garden at next year’s Chelsea. The garden has been designed for an international horse welfare charity and aims to highlight the plight of abandoned, neglected and abused horses in the UK and abroad. The garden is a traditional wildflower garden that will tell the story of one of these ‘invisible’ horses. It will feature a dark, derelict stable in one corner surrounded by plants harmful to horses which opens up into an open, bright and secure meadow, with horse friendly plants, where rescued horses can run free.  A life-sized sculpture of a horse made from reclaimed horseshoes (from famous horses and supporters of World Horse Welfare) will stand proud in the meadow looking towards a future full of hope.

We hope that the garden will encourage people to reflect on the importance of the work of World Horse Welfare and support them in their vision for a world where every horse is treated with respect, compassion and understanding.

As with all our Chelsea projects, the garden will be built by award winning contractor Conway landscapes.

To find out more on the work of  World House Welfare go to

You can also follow the garden’s progress on our new blog site

Manuden Primary School – Memorial Garden takes shape

A Sensory Storyteller’s Garden – Manuden Primary School

Over the summer holidays we were delighted  to be asked to design a garden for a local village primary school in memory of two much loved members of staff. The area to be redeveloped was an unused grass bank outside the school hall which was difficult to use for anything . The solution was to make the area flat with decking and then to add  an outdoor classroom / story telling area on top of   the deck.  The canopy above the classroom will eventually be pale blue so that the sky is always  blue, whatever the weather.


We also wanted the area to have elements of sensory play with things to stimulate sight, touch, sound, smell and taste.  The area will have rainbow planter’s with bright colourful flowers and vegetables, giving an opportunity for sight and taste sensations. There will be additional scented planting areas with lavender and herbs and tactile grasses such as Stipa tenuissima and Pennisetum spp. Sound will be achieved by adding Nigella flowers with their seed pods that rattle and simple bamboo chimes that blow in the wind. We have also included two sensory finger mazes that will help the children with hand-eye co-ordination and encourage social play. These are great colourful tools which also have a tactile element.  The two sensory totem poles that will be installed will also encourage inquisitive minds to explore and to learn more about the environment around them.

The area is fenced off for safety and wildflower turf has been added around it to give opportunities for wildlife learning and to soften the structure.

The project is well under way, just planting and finishing touches to do.


Photos courtesy of Harlow Garden Services who have done an excellent job of the installation. Will post more photos when finished. Finger maze photos courtesy of Broxap / Handmade Places

Woolcott and Smith’s Weekend Tips…..

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Help save me, East Herts Council want to cut me down. Act now!
Surely there’s more biodiversity in this stately oak tree growing in this former wood meadow, rich in wildlife,  than there is in a fenced off artificial hockey pitch with 15 metre high floodlights.
Tree specialists have surveyed the area and one of the trees has been placed on the Ancient Tree Inventorysport at any cost, I hope not. Join the protest! Let our Councillors know what you think, email addresses in the post below. Please East Herts District Council listen to The Woodland Trust and other notable tree specialists and tree surveyors and vote down the proposal on 27th April 2016.
Please don’t cut me down! Keep Ash Grove Green!

Three veteran oak trees, together with smaller ash trees and a section of meadow are under threat of removal under a proposal to create a floodlit artificial hockey pitch on the area known as Ash Grove just off Cricketfield Lane in Bishop’s Stortford. Although it is too late for letters of comment, and it appears that Planning  Officers are recommending approval,  the final decision will be made on the 27th April 2016 at a meeting of the Development Management Committee in Hertford where Councillors will vote on the proposal.

Application: 3/15/1957/FUL     Further details  click or copy and paste link below

If approved this proposal will contradict the spirit of the Neighbourhood Plan and could have implications for other areas who are currently in the process of creating their own Neighbourhood Plan.

The loss of this area in its current state will be a great blow to this beautiful north east area of Bishop’s Stortford and although new sporting facilities for a growing town are incredibly important they should not be created at the expense of beautiful and untouched countryside. Alas it is now too late to oppose this development by letter but in a last ditch effort to save this area and to demonstrate our strength of feeling, we are organising a local opposition meeting at 2.30pm on Sunday 24th April at the top of Cricketfield Lane where it meets Barrell’s Down Road and then at 3pm a very small walk to the area in question. We are also formally inviting all the Councillors who sit on the Development Management Committee and who will vote for the proposal, to come to this meeting so that we may share with them our concerns. See attached list of Councillors and their email addresses:

Development Management Committee:
Councillor David Andrews (Chairman)
Councillor Mike Allen
Councillor Kevin Bush
Councillor Stan Bull
Councillor Mike Casey
Councillor Michael Freeman
Councillor Jeff Jones
Councillor Jonathan Kaye
Councillor David Oldridge
Councillor Tim Page
Councillor Peter Ruffles (Vice Chairman)
Councillor Keith Warnell

Councillor Robert Brunton
Councillor Bob Deering
Councillor Jan Goodeve
Councillor Roz Standley

Can we please ask anybody in Bishop’s Stortford who is concerned about development in the town or the loss of beautiful and wild areas to please attend and show their support in opposing this development. Bring boots or wellies. Parking can be difficult as Residents Parking Schemes are in place but the nearest car parks are Grange Paddocks or Elm Road.

Adam 07976 658618   Jon 07967 632525